March 5, 2015 Luncheon

The TCPBA Luncheon for today at noon at the Petroleum Club is still on.  See you there!

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Welcome to the Tarrant County Probate Bar Association

The Tarrant County Probate Bar Association

Celebrates 23 Years

Mission Statement

The Tarrant County Probate Bar Association is a non-profit corporation organized for the primary purpose of fostering communication and social interaction and to promote continuing legal education among Tarrant County attorneys practicing in the areas of probate and guardianship administration. It produces programs, written materials and conducts other activities incidental to the fulfillment of this primary educational purpose.

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Effective Oct. 1, 2014 – New Tarrant County Probate E-Filing Rules

These materials constitute the Standing Orders of the Statutory Probate Courts of Tarrant County, Texas regarding the electronic filing of documents in the Tarrant County Probate Courts and will control such filings, to the extent they are not inconsistent with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure or the Local Rules of the Tarrant County Courts concerning the Electronic Filing of Court Documents.

Download the entire document here.

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Effective July 21, 2014 – E-Filing Rules

As you probably already know, on March 21, 2014 the Supreme Court of Texas approved Technology Standards, Version 1.3, set by the Judicial Committee on Information Technology. These new standards apply to documents electronically filed under Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 21 and Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure 9. The County Clerk’s office has set the go live date for Probate this coming Monday July 21, 2014.

In order to help our e-filing community, Jim Politz has prepared two instructional e-filing guides which are attached below. One is for Initial filings and the other is for Subsequent filings. Jeff Nicholson, Chief Deputy, County Clerk has asked that Mr. Politz reach out to the Tarrant County Probate Bar Association in order to promulgate the County Clerk ‘go-live’ this coming Monday along with the attached instructional e-filing guides and Notice.

New Efiling Case Types & Initial Filing Code Selection

Notice of Technology Standards

New Tech Standards Efiling for Subsequent Filing Codes

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TCPBA Membership Renewal Notice

It is time to renew your membership to TCPBA.  Click the Renewal Notice below to get information on membership.  To Join, please click the join tab for specific information on registration and payment!

2014 – 2015 Renewal Notice

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TCPBA Probate Litigation Seminar 2014


2014 Probate Litigation Seminar 

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Probate Court No 2 Notices

Requirements Prior to Setting Hearing

Fines for Untimely Filings


1. All Proofs, Oaths and Orders must be e-filed with the Clerk, and all Original Wills and Codicils must be filed with or mailed to the Clerk prior to setting your probate applications for hearing.
****If the Court Administrator reviews your case and you have not complied with these rules, the Court Administrator will notify you by email that your hearing has been cancelled.

2. Warning with regard to Inventories, Affidavits in Lieu of Inventories and Notice to Beneficiaries:
*****In accordance with Texas Estates Code §309.057c, if these documents are not filed in a timely manner, the Court may fine the representative a fine not to exceed $1,000.

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