Welcome to the Tarrant County Probate Bar Association

The Tarrant County Probate Bar Association

Mission Statement

The Tarrant County Probate Bar Association is a non-profit corporation organized for the primary purpose of fostering communication and social interaction and to promote continuing legal education among Tarrant County attorneys practicing in the areas of probate and guardianship administration. It produces programs, written materials and conducts other activities incidental to the fulfillment of this primary educational purpose.

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Updated Case Information Sheet

TC Case Info Sheet – Probate Supplement – mod 04-15-2016 Fillable

Effective Immediately —  Please use the revised Case Information Sheet above

There are only two basic changes to this form and both center around the requirement from the last legislature that the attorney for an applicant for guardianship must be certified by the State Bar of Texas (SBOT) as having completed the 4 hour course on guardianship and procedures.  Texas Estates Code Section 1054.201.

This is the same course required for Ad Litems in guardianship matters.  For all attorneys seeking Ad Litem appointments in our Court we are scanning in their registration forms and supporting documentation and adding it to their profile in Clerk’s Office case-management system (Odyssey).  The “attorney qualifications” information is then updated to show that their SBOT certification meets the 2015 requirements and its expiration date.  This basic process is followed for those attorneys who file applications for guardianships, except that only the SBOT Certification Letter is scanned in and placed on file.

The instructions under item 3 now points out that the filing attorney must indicate his case type “and verify certification status in guardianships”.

Below that under the “Guardianship/GMT – Minor” section, the attorney is now to verify that they already have a copy of their Ad Litem certification on file with us, or that they are attaching the necessary documentation.


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New Probate Fees

Click the link below to see the updated Probate Fees


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E-Filing Notice – New Case Types***

E-Filing Notice

From the Tarrant County Clerk’s Office

The Clerk’s office has implemented 2 new case types for e-filers in Probate.

Effective Immediately:

When filing a new probate case, under the Select Case Type drop down menu, you will see the following:

Dependent Administration ($241)

Independent Administration ($241)

Letters Testamentary ($241)

Muniment of Title ($241)

Other Estate Proceedings ($217)

Small Estate Proceedings ($253)

It is important to choose the correct proceeding so that you are charged the proper fee. This also assists the Clerk’s Office in batching the cases as well as issuing the proper poster citation.

Muniment of Title and Letters Testamentary are two new case types in the system.

Below please see examples of when to choose what case type:

  • Muniment of Title:  Only for Probates filed as a Muniment of Title;
  • Letters Testamentary:  Only for cases where there is An Application for Letters Testamentary, there is a Will and the person requesting to serve as Executor is named in the Will and is designated to serve as Independent Executor;
  • Dependent Administration:  Any time you are seeking a Court supervised administration whether or not there is a Will;
  • Independent Administration:  Any time you are seeking an Independent Administration other than that specified under Letters Testamentary above;
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September 1, 2015 NEW Appointee Policy

The policies and procedures Governing Appointment Lists for Attorneys Ad Litem, Guardians Ad Litem, Attorneys serving as Guardian, Private Professional Guardians, and Mediators is changing September 1, 2015

Tarrant County Probate Court No. One

You must complete the registration form below, and return it to the following:

Court One Appointee Policy Registration Form

Mark W. Sullivan, Probate Court One, mwsullivan@tarrantcounty.com

Tarrant County Probate Court No. Two


Tarrant County Probate Court No. Two

Ad Litem Appointments


Probate Court No. 2 does NOT require, but will accept the Appointee Policy Registration Form that was sent out to you by email on August 31, 2015.   Tarrant County Probate Court No. 2 issued a notice that was previously sent regarding its policies regarding ad litem appointments.  

If you have already complied with the previously issued notice below, there is no need to send the Court One registration to Court Two.

Please review the Notice for Appointments beginning September 1, 2015

Probate Court 2 Notice on Appointments

Contact Steve Fields at SDFields@TarrantCounty.com with questions.

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Tarrant County Probate Court No 2 Notice

Please find the recent Notice from Tarrant County Probate Court No. 2 that becomes effective September 1, 2015 regarding appointment of ad litems.

Probate Court 2 Notice on Appointments

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Legislative Changes for Estate and Guardianships 2015

Judge King has compiled legislative changes from the last session on Estates and Guardianships that will go into effect September 1, 2015.  Please click below to read through these changes so you are prepared when they become effective.

Decedent’s Estate Changes 2015

Guardianship Changes 2015

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Effective Oct. 1, 2014 – New Tarrant County Probate E-Filing Rules

These materials constitute the Standing Orders of the Statutory Probate Courts of Tarrant County, Texas regarding the electronic filing of documents in the Tarrant County Probate Courts and will control such filings, to the extent they are not inconsistent with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure or the Local Rules of the Tarrant County Courts concerning the Electronic Filing of Court Documents.

Download the entire document here.

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Probate Court No 2 Notices

Requirements Prior to Setting Hearing

Fines for Untimely Filings


1. All Proofs, Oaths and Orders must be e-filed with the Clerk, and all Original Wills and Codicils must be filed with or mailed to the Clerk prior to setting your probate applications for hearing.
****If the Court Administrator reviews your case and you have not complied with these rules, the Court Administrator will notify you by email that your hearing has been cancelled.

2. Warning with regard to Inventories, Affidavits in Lieu of Inventories and Notice to Beneficiaries:
*****In accordance with Texas Estates Code §309.057c, if these documents are not filed in a timely manner, the Court may fine the representative a fine not to exceed $1,000.

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The Honorable Steve M. King provided this Quick Link for the Texas Estates Code.  This is very helpful in the transition.


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