E-Filing Notice – New Case Types***

E-Filing Notice

From the Tarrant County Clerk’s Office

The Clerk’s office has implemented 2 new case types for e-filers in Probate.

Effective Immediately:

When filing a new probate case, under the Select Case Type drop down menu, you will see the following:

Dependent Administration ($241)

Independent Administration ($241)

Letters Testamentary ($241)

Muniment of Title ($241)

Other Estate Proceedings ($217)

Small Estate Proceedings ($253)

It is important to choose the correct proceeding so that you are charged the proper fee. This also assists the Clerk’s Office in batching the cases as well as issuing the proper poster citation.

Muniment of Title and Letters Testamentary are two new case types in the system.

Below please see examples of when to choose what case type:

  • Muniment of Title:  Only for Probates filed as a Muniment of Title;
  • Letters Testamentary:  Only for cases where there is An Application for Letters Testamentary, there is a Will and the person requesting to serve as Executor is named in the Will and is designated to serve as Independent Executor;
  • Dependent Administration:  Any time you are seeking a Court supervised administration whether or not there is a Will;
  • Independent Administration:  Any time you are seeking an Independent Administration other than that specified under Letters Testamentary above;

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The Tarrant County Probate Bar Association provides education and professional services to Tarrant County probate and estate planning attorneys.
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