Updated Case Information Sheet

TC Case Info Sheet – Probate Supplement – mod 04-15-2016 Fillable

Effective Immediately —  Please use the revised Case Information Sheet above

There are only two basic changes to this form and both center around the requirement from the last legislature that the attorney for an applicant for guardianship must be certified by the State Bar of Texas (SBOT) as having completed the 4 hour course on guardianship and procedures.  Texas Estates Code Section 1054.201.

This is the same course required for Ad Litems in guardianship matters.  For all attorneys seeking Ad Litem appointments in our Court we are scanning in their registration forms and supporting documentation and adding it to their profile in Clerk’s Office case-management system (Odyssey).  The “attorney qualifications” information is then updated to show that their SBOT certification meets the 2015 requirements and its expiration date.  This basic process is followed for those attorneys who file applications for guardianships, except that only the SBOT Certification Letter is scanned in and placed on file.

The instructions under item 3 now points out that the filing attorney must indicate his case type “and verify certification status in guardianships”.

Below that under the “Guardianship/GMT – Minor” section, the attorney is now to verify that they already have a copy of their Ad Litem certification on file with us, or that they are attaching the necessary documentation.


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The Tarrant County Probate Bar Association provides education and professional services to Tarrant County probate and estate planning attorneys.
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